Application for Commercial Exhibit Space at
the Saint Paul Conference

Application is hereby made for assignment of Exhibit Space for display of merchandise and services at the meeting of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners to be held at the Saint Paul RiverCentre, Saint Paul, Minnesota, September 21-23, 2006. It is agreed that after acceptance and assignment of booths by the Association, but no later than June 30, 2006, the undersigned will remit full payment of the rates set forth below for the booths actually assigned.

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Note: Commercial Booths are $1350/each. A $600.00 (U.S. Funds drawn on a U.S. Bank) per booth deposit must accompany this application.

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Services in Exhibit*:

Booth Location

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Booth Number Preferences

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10th Choice:

It is understood that if the AABP is unable to assign any of the choices listed, it may assign space of substantially similar area in another location, and that, in any case, the applicant will be bound to pay for this space upon acceptance of the application by the Association.  
We request that our space not be in the immediate proximity of the following companies, if exhibiting:

It is agreed that:

No refunds will be made for exhibit space canceled after August 2, 2006.

Exhibit space not claimed and occupied by 7:00 a.m., Thursday, September 21st may be canceled or reassigned without refund. If the exhibit is on hand, AABP reserves the right to assign labor to set any display that is not in the process of being erected by 7:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 21st. The charge for this labor will be billed to the exhibitor by the official contractor.

Relocation in another space of equivalent area will be accepted should such relocation become necessary or advisable in the judgment of the Association.

The exhibitor agrees to abide by the Rules and Regulations for Exhibitors contained in the prospectus which shall be considered as part of this contract and fully binding hereunder.

The American Association of Bovine Practitioners, Saint Paul RiverCentre, the City of Saint Paul, Saint Paul Arena Company, and the official decoration contractor, Geo. E. Fern Co., shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, fire, theft, damage, or injury that may occur to the property of the exhibitor or for any cause whatsoever, arising out of, or from, or incident to, the use or occupancy of the exhibit area by the exhibitor, its agents, servants, employees, guests, and invitees; and the exhibitor by signing this contract expressly releases the above named parties from liability from any and all such loss, fire, theft, damage, injury, death, and personal injury claims whatsoever.

Advertise in the 2006 Guide to the Exhibitors

The "Guide to the Exhibitors" will be distributed to all registants at the Conference and posted on the website about 10 days prior to the conference. The information provided will remain on the website for a year. This can provide AABP members with your customer and technical service telephone number(s), fax number(s), and website information which may not be available in other publications. There is no charge for this service.

Please enter what information you would like included about your company in the Guide to Exhibitors.
Make changes or additions to the following information provided in the initial contract information form as necessary.

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Promotional/Advertising Opportunity: The AABP is offering the following package of 4 (four) promotional/advertising opportunities to highlight your company in the "Guide to the Exhibitors" and on the website for an additional fee of $400.

Booth location highlighted on the Exhibit Hall map in the "Guide to the Exhibitors"

Company name and booth number highlighted on the 2006 "Exhibitors Listing" which will immediately precede the centerfold in the "Guide"

Company Logo above the booth information in the "Guide to the Exhibitors"

Company name and booth number highlighted in the booth information section of the "Guide to the Exhibitors"

Click here to see a sample of this advertising opportunity:

I would like to purchase an advertisement in the Guide to Exhibitors ($400):
(Receipt of the request for an advertisement will be confirmed via FAX.)

I would not like to an advertisement in the Guide to Exhibitors:

I would like to use the same logo as last year:

New logos should be submitted electronically in EPS or TIF format to: Exhibits@AABP.ORG

On-Site Promotional Opportunity for New Products/Services & Show Specials

The AABP is offering 22 exhibitors an display new product and/or new service literature as well as show special literature on 4’ X 8’ poster boards (a framed structure that accepts tacks or Velcro). The poster boards will be arranged in the Rotunda at the foot of the escalator by the entrance to the Registration area.

The Registration Area will be inside the Exhibit Hall as occurred in Salt Lake City last year. Attendees will enter the 2006 AABP Trade Show through the Registration Area. See the Exhibit Area floor plan in the Exhibitor’s Prospectus. The attendees can view the poster boards after noon on Tuesday, September 19th, any time registration is open and including when the exhibit area is closed.

Rules for the Promotion:

I would like to purchase one side of a 4’ X 8’ poster board for $150.00 for my on-site promotion:
(Confirmation of the request for On-Site Promotion will be confirmed via FAX.)

I would not like to purchase one side of a 4’ X 8’ poster board:

List of Representatives

For the proper identification of exhibitor personnel attending the Trade Show, a badge will be used for each representative listed on the “Exhibitors’ Representatives” form prepared and signed by the authorized representative. Exhibitors listed on this form do not have access to educational programs offered at the AABP Conference. This form will be included with notification of booth assignment. These forms is available to fill out and submit on the website; click on “conference; then click on “exhibiting.

Basic Exhibitor Registration for commercial exhibitors provides: Access to the Exhibit Area; access to the Reception in the Exhibit Area Thursday from 5:15-6:45 P. M.; access to refreshment breaks; one $10.00 luncheon voucher per person for Thursday and Friday and one copy of the “Proceedings” (mailed).

Basic Exhibitor Pre-Conference registration: Four pre-conference registrations are provided at no charge for each booth if the form is returned to the Exhibit Manager by September 8, 2006. Additional employees may be pre-registered for a fee of $100.00 U.S. Funds each.

Basic Exhibitor On-site Registration: Business card or company identification required. An appropriately identified employee may replace any pre-registered employee or pay a fee of $125.00 U.S. Funds.

For access to educational programs use Regular Conference Registration (available to both veterinarians and non-veterinarians) that provides: access to the Exhibit Area and all Conference educational activities, except seminars and clinical forums (for AABP members only); one $10.00 luncheon voucher for Thursday and one voucher for Friday; access to the Reception in the Exhibit Area Thursday from 5:15-6:45 P. M.; access to refreshment breaks; optional identification as an exhibitor and as a “regular registrant”. One copy of the “Proceedings” is mailed to all AABP members and each registered non-AABP member.Persons with regular conference registration may obtain an exhibitor dot at the exhibitor on-site registration desk for entrance to the Exhibitor Area as an exhibitor.

Regular Conference Pre-Conference registration: Published pre-conference registration fees and rules apply. Pre-conference registration will be accepted at the AABP Office until August 28, 2006.

Regular Conference On-site Registration: On-Site published registration fees and rules apply.

Regular Conference Pre-Conference registration must be submitted by August 23, 2006 to the AABP Office, P. O. Box 3610, Auburn, AL 36831-3610, Fax 419-496-0697 or register on the website,; click on “conference:; then click on “Registration”.

Accompanying persons (non-veterinarians) of exhibitor personnel who will not work in the booth may register on site for an accompanying person’s badge. Accompanying persons that work in the booth will be part of the booth-badge allocation.

Management will honor additions to the pre-conference registration list only when an authorized representative on company stationery or the website makes such a request. Badges will not be transferable and management reserves the right to limit the quantity and to confiscate badges used by any person other than the one for whom it was issued.

Continuing Education credit is only available to company personnel with regular conference registration.

List of Representatives for Basic Registration
(I certify that the representatives listed are employees of the exhibiting company.)
1st Representative:

2nd Representative:
3rd Representative:

4th Representative:
Up to four (4) personnel per 100 square feet of exhibit space (10' X 10') may be registered at no charge. A fee of $100.00 (US Funds) must be included for each additional registrant. (Charges for additional registrants will be administratively added to the total due.)
5th Representative:

6th Representative:
7th Representative:

8th Representative:
9th Representative:

10th Representative:
11th Representative:

12th Representative:
13th Representative:

14th Representative:
15th Representative:

16th Representative:

(for multiple booth purchases, the names of representatives beyond the 16th representative should be emailed to Exhibits@AABP.ORG and the fees will be handled as above)

Special Request or Requirements

Other Requests:

Note: A printed and signed contract must be faxed or mailed to:
Samuel Hutchins, 3rd, DVM
AABP Exhibit Manager
P. O. Box 218
714 South Barre Road
South Barre, VT 05670
Fax: (802) 479-0147


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